Who We Are

Lynx Engineering Consultants was established in 2004 as a family business following a tradition of railway engineering that extends over five generations. We offer a professional service to our customers and external colleagues based on more than 50 years of engineering experience. Most employees work part time to allow for volunteer work.


Since 2004 Lynx Engineering Consultants Ltd, has been offering a large array of services, and has built strong close ties with rail companies, both in the UK and abroad. 

Our Organisation of Part Time Workers

The volunteer work which we all take part in includes providing personal assistance and education. Much of this is amongst deaf people in developing countries so we have invested in virtual office technology and collaboration tools to ensure that we maintain good communication within the company and with customers and external colleagues. This enables us to provide a professional service when working from remote locations.

Despite the remote locations we aim to respond to questions and requests within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on the quality of our output and that we always see the work through to completion. We ask customers to give feedback about the work carried out, thus leading to continuous improvement.

Roland Butler
Managing Director
Roland has nearly 40 years experience in the design and maintenance of Traction
and Rolling Stock. Lately considered one of the UK rail industry’s leading Engineers for electrical machines,
he also has considerable experience of rail vehicle construction and all types of electrical equipment
related to rail vehicles and their infrastructure interfaces

Carol Butler
Finance Director

Carol has great organisation skills, and can oversee the work and staff. Carol, has the
main responsibility of overseeing the invoices and other financial matters pertaining to the company.

Tess Butler
Senior Technical Officer
Tess has worked in the Rail Industry since 2004. She has conducted investigations and
assisted with various projects. Since 2009 she has also been the Lead Auditor for Lynx Engineering.

Michael Butler
Technical Officer
With an eye for technical detail, and graphic design, Michael has a natural gift for 3D
and technical drawing. Michael thrives on difficult, perplexing tasks.

David Butler
Technical Officer

David has a great sense of responsibility, and will follow any task to completion.
David specialises in I.T. and internet web design and other technical tasks

Joseph Butler
Technical Assistant

Joe likes to get involved in the written details, and specialises in document development,
reivew and comparrisons. Joe also works on 3D and technical drawings

Fa Butler
Technical Assistant
Fa has a mind for organisation and can arrange work loads and time management, this enables
all other workers to scehedule work time to great benefit. Fa also works well on document development and review.