What We Do

Here at Lynx Engineering Consultants we can draw on years of railway experience, and have undertaken a diverse range of projects.

These include:

  • Design modifications for improved vehicle safety, reliability or other enhancements
  • Investigate incidents and faults
  • Advise on implementation of Railway Legislation and Standards
  • Auditing to ISO 9001 and technical requirements
  • Advise on Supply Chain Management
  • Provide overhaul, repair and refurbishment solutions
  • Produce component maintenance documents
  • Training

The Lynx Engineering team has a broad experience of rail vehicle engineering including: -

  • All aspects of electrical engineering
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Electrical Machines
  • Vehicle Radios
  • Electric Multiple Units
  • Power operated doors

The work undertaken by Lynx Engineering Consultants is not classified as “Safety Critical Work” under ROGS but some projects may be considered “Important for Safety”. These include design of certain modifications and development of maintenance procedures for safety critical components.


Lynx Engineering Consultants Ltd. uses a simple quality system that reflects the size of the company and is ISO 9001 compliant. Our processes include compliance with specialist UK rail requirements such as GM/RT2450. The system is flexible enough to allow customer’s special requirements to be incorporated.